'An Leabharlann' interactive Virtual Library installation for @ Drop Everything Festival , created in Unity.

Repping 🇮🇪 at the @londondesignbiennale curated by @esdevlin 😎

Our lil Leabharlann designed by @_harrisongardner has a new lease of life. Initially, it was to be presented onsite at Somerset House for the Biennale. But no strangers to adaptability, presenting digitally reminded us how challenges can inspire new design thinking, creating space for process and possibility.

This collaboration between residency participants working across design, construction, research and creative technology, brings our remote island residency project to a global audience. 🌍

A computer generated model of the site and AI assisted image search tool allows visitors to explore this unique construction and collection. The collection focuses on the research interests of Drop Everything participants across art and design practices, and the resonance of these subjects through language and place.

This digital project is the first step in developing a fully formed computer game and education tool using the island as the location. 🐬

Huge thanks to all who helped make this happen. Explore via link in our bio. ☘️

Structure Design: @_harrisongardner
CGI Design: @ndelap
Interface Design: Soot
Visual Identity: @drme_studio
Sound: @c0bweaver (online) @maria__somerville (on-site)

Research Team:
@brassneckpress, @rdeaaane, @galwegianbelacqua , @alice_qb , aisling mcguinness, @iseultmurphy

Supporting Body:

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