Nicholas Delap is a freelance digital artist working with VR, AR, 3D modelling to explore themes of wilderness, re-wilding, and Post-Humanism. Through use of speculative simulation, Delap creates immersive and other-wordly virtual environments, sculptures, and video installations. Most often downloadable to the desktop, Delap’s 3D rendered works materialize as self-contained interactive environments that undermine the traditional boundaries between the human, the natural, and the technological.

Recently, Delap exhibited at @das.bologna with @_metoche / @mock_jungle and @barcuferia with #SiliconValet. He is currently participating in @chaosmagicspace x @omsk_social_club digital residency ‘Spur.’ Past notable works include commissions for UNIQLO, Parklife Festival, Lovebox Festival and works for musicians @ashnikko and @theninthwave_, and designers @drme_studio (Drop Everything Festival Instagram Filter) and @studiomoross (Parklife/Lovebox Instagram Filters).

Most recent works include working with 'Ashnikko' as part of her digital art team, creating music videos, visualisers and promotional materials under Werner Music group.

Recent ExhibitIons;

Barcu Feria - 2020 Silicon Valet collection - Bogotá, Colombia 2020

Cairn - Digital Installation - Silicon Valet LOT residency - Nov 2020

Mock Jungle - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali - Bologna IT - July/Aug 2020

Epiphyte VR Installation - MsoA Digital Show - Manchester UK - July 2020

Tainted Weeds - ETTO - Rotterdam NL - May 2019

Residencies -

SPUR, 6-month virtual residency run by Chaos Magic, Nottingham and supported by Omsk Social Club and others, part of the selected CORE collective group

Silicon Valet LOT residency - Online platform - November 2020.

Contact -  Nicholasdelap@yahoo.co.uk